About F Care Systems USA, LLC

F Care Systems USA LLC is the Miami based headquarters of the Americas F Care Systems. These products have been designed, produced and sold as the most advanced thermocoagulation systems to dramatically improve the appearance of leg veins and telangiectasia.


F Care Systems Europe, established in Antwerp, Belgium, is a leading manufacturer of medical and beauty equipment. F Care Systems designs products for the medical and esthetical medical industries.


F Care Systems works together with highly recognized researchers and opinion leaders to improve the quality of its products.


To meet your needs and the needs of those receiving treatment, our dedicated research and development team continues to rise to the challenge of designing the most advanced solutions. It's our priority to develop cosmetic technology that allows you to confidently treat with superior comfort and results.


F Care Systems sells its products through an international chain of distributors. Products are available in more than 19 countries. Every month we are adding distributors in other parts of the world so that patients can benefit from our technologies.


F Care Systems, manufacturer of the VeinXpert/THERMOCOAGULATOR, is now launching the EVRF® an upgraded version of this successful line of thermo coagulators.
EVRF® will work as a platform for future technologies.












F Care Systems is an
ISO-Medical Certified Company