KAVS Catheter 



The working method of the KAVS catheter in brief:


• Open the vein and put the catheter forward

• Inflate the balloon with NaCl and block the vein

• Inject the sclerosing agent

• Control the effect via ultrasound

• Aspirate the sclerosing agent after the effect

• Un-block the vein and remove the catheter



The KAVS catheter is particularly designed for the new effective and safe method of catheter assisted venous sclerotherapy.



Technical description:


The KAVS catheter is a double-lumen catheter made of radiopaque polyurethane, which is equipped with a latex balloon at the distal end. At the proximal end of the coaxial catheter there is a double attachment, consisting of a Luer-lock adapter for access to the main catheter lumen and a laterally mounted Luer-lock adapter with a stopcock for filling the balloon located at the tip. The position of the coloured stopcock indicates the filling of the balloon. The rounded catheter tip is closed, underneath the balloon there are 3 openings, which serve as outlet openings for the main catheter lumen.The catheter is equipped with depth markings graduated every 10 cm.