VeinXpert™ - Treatment for Spider Veins and Telangiectasia

The new gold standard for the treatment of spider veins and telangectasia


VeinXpert - The equipment:

The VeinXpert is a revolutionary technique for treatment of fine thread veins, telangiectasia, rosacea and petechia. The use of the VeinXpert results in the immediate and lasting disappearance of the vessels on legs, face and other body parts.

Thread veins are cosmetically unsightly and can appear on several areas on the body, particulary on the face and legs. Over 70% of the women, en many men, will suffer these veins sooner or later.

The VeinXpert can treat small vessels that cannot be treated with micro-sclerotherapy. It can also treat vessels on areas such as ankles and face where micro-sclerotherapy cannot be used.


Unlike laser, the VeinXpert has no side effects such as de-pigmentation and

scarring, and is not painful. And unlike laser, a well done treatment with the VeinXpert is guaranteed effective. The VeinXpert will work on all skintypes.
A treatment with the VeinXpert takes 10 a 15 minutes in which 80 a 100 cm of veins can be treated. After the treatment, the patient may resume everyday activity immediately.


The VeinXpert technique has some major advantages:

• Instant results, the vein disappears immediately
• Lasting results.
• Fast: treats 80-100 of vein in a single session
• Can be used on all areas, including ankles, knees and face.
• No bandages are needed
• Relatively painless
• All skin photo types
• All seasons, no need to stay out of the sun.
• Easy to use


What is equally important is the lack of side-effects

• No (de-) pigmentation
• No allergic reactions
• No burns
• No necrosis
• No inflammation


How does the VeinXpert work?

The thermocoagulator is uniquely in its use of microwaves to heat the vessels, utilising a very high frequency energy pulse. This pulse produces a thermal lesion, resulting in the instant disappearance of the vessel.

The vessel is thermo-coagulated with no risk of lesion to the epidermis. The skin remains intact. After treatment, a "papula" may appear which progresses to tiny crusts resembling scratches. These disappear after a few weeks.


This principle is not related to electrocoagulation. The thermocoagulation stems from innovations in the fields of electronics and IT, producing perfectly targeted, effective and risk-free results.
Unlike any other treatment, the VeinXpert can be used on any part of the body, even knee and ankle.

No bandages are required and the patient may resume everyday activity immediately after their 15 minute treatment session. Below you can see on the VeinXpert demonstration video how the VeinXpert works.




The equipment:

The VeinXpert has 2 major part: the generator an the needle.

The generator creates the impulse. The impulse can be set at between 0.2 seconds and 1 second in 0.1 second increments. The power can be set at between 30% to 60% in 5% increments. The combination of these two settings means that highly accurate doses of energy can be delivered.

The power and impulse values are accurately maintained by a microprocessor and displayed on a LCD screen. The values can be digitally adjusted using the remote control in case the machine is on the other side of the patient. No unreliable and wear-prone turning knobs are used.

The ultra-fine needle has a diameter of 0.075 mm allowing for accurate operation and is protected by a specific isolating sheath. The vessel is thermocoagulated without damaging the epidermis and surrounding tissue. Needles are nickel. In case of a nickel allergy, gold needles are also available. The needles are disposable and can be used for a complete session.

The combination of the generator and insulated needle allows for a very precise amount of energy to be delivered to exactly the right place.









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