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Visible leg veins are a common problem for many women and they have looked for an immediate and simple solution to eliminate these unsightly spider veins. Surgical vein removal can leave scarring at the incision point and puts clients at risk for an infection and involves lengthy recovery times. Sclerotherapy and light based treatments have been less than effective in removing these small spider veins less than .3mm in diameter and have many limitations such as bandaging and sun aversion. The EVRF® system from F Care Systems with its proprietary delivery method, can deliver its RF energy as a noninvasive alternative for the clearing of spider veins and telangiectasia, with no incisions, minimal discomfort and no downtime.


Our technology treats leg veins with superior comfort while providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. The EVRF®/VeinXpert System will treat larger veins as well as the smaller vessels that cannot be treated with sclerotherapy. It can also treat vessels on areas such as ankles and the face where sclerotherapy cannot be safely performed. Unlike laser therapies, the EVRF®/VeinXpert has no side effects such as Hyper/Hypo-pigmentation and scarring. And unlike laser therapy, a treatment with the EVRF®/VeinXpert will show effective results as early as the first treatment session and can be administered to all skin types. 
A treatment with the EVRF®/VeinXpert takes on average 15 to 20 minutes in which 30 to 40 inches of veins can be treated with no post treatment limitations. A major benefit over traditional treatments is that no bandages are required and the patient may resume everyday activity immediately after their treatment.




How does the EVRF® System work?

The EVRF®/VeinXpert System is unique in its use of RF Energy to heat the veins, utilizing a controlled, proprietary, RF energy pulse. This pulse produces thermal coagulation of the vessels, resulting in the instant disappearance of the veins. This proprietary delivery system thermo-coagulates the targeted site with no risk of scarring or adverse effects to the epidermis. After treatment, a small micro-crust may appear which usually disappears in a few weeks. The proprietary delivery principle of the EVRF®/VeinXpert is not related to electro coagulation and is uni-polar in its delivery method. The EVRF®/VeinXpert thermo-coagulation ability stems from innovations in the fields of electronics and IT, thus producing perfectly targeted, effective and risk-free results. 
Unlike any other treatment, the EVRF®/VeinXpert can be used on any part of the body, even knee and ankles. 



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